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55 Recipes, 10 Ingredients or Less

I believe in keeping it simple in the kitchen, so all my recipes contain less than 10 ingredients (with many even less than that.) It's amazing what you can do when you combine the basics in different ways.

Feed Your Family and Friends

Pull out all the stops when you're entertaining for a group, or keep it simple when you're feeding just a few. You'll find options that you can make for anyone, whether it's a table set for one or many. Plus I share all my Charcuterie Board tips & tricks that are sure to impress!

Keeping It Simple with Grocery Lists

When you have the right staples on hand, your meal options are endless. Take my grocery list to the store, stock up and you'll be good to go for the entire week.

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"Hi Blair! I just bought your cookbook and I wanted to tell you thank you for putting together such a great product at an affordable price. The recipes all look SO delicious, easy and healthy. Thank you again.

Megan via Instagram

"I just found YouTube and I can't thank you enough for your videos. It's so great to actually see someone living a healthy lifestyle on great tasting food. It's just more realistic to have the foods you still love while still health. Don't even get me started on your Trader Joe's hauls. Best of luck to you and thank you for posting your amazing meals."

Chelsea Carrin via Instagram

I have lost 15 pounds by cooking with your cookbook and following your advice! Thank you!!!!

Tanya via Instagram

"I started following you because i love your content and the legit knowledg behind it!"

Kdpitcher 85 on Instagram

"Your recipes are amazing, so delish and healthy! I make the lettuce wraps every week!"

Kate Milazzo on Instagram

"You help me keep a healthy relationship with food! You're all about a healthy lifestyle."

Danni Calyonn on Intagram

"Your Trader Joe' love led me to your page. Ur easy meals for a busy foodie made me subscribe!"

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"BLAIR! Your air fried banana recipe is so good I could cry. Thank you."

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"I wanted to reach out and say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your YouTube channel! 2020 has been such a bad year to say the least...your videos literally got me through it. Fitness and nutrition are such a passion of mine. thank you for creating videos that have become an entertaining and creative outlet for me! Keep it up!"

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